Business plan for a hairdressing salon with calculations

Today we will talk with you about opening a business such as a hairdresser and work out a business plan . Hairdressing as a business will always be in demand. No matter what, people will put their hair in order.

This is especially true for women, not a single fashionista will allow herself to walk with regrown roots or a sloppy haircut, regardless of social status.

Market analysis

In modern Russia, you can easily find a hairdressing salon. In total, more than 35 thousand hairdressing salons for every taste work on the Russian market. The share of chain stores is not more than 3%. Hence the conclusion that the lion’s share of business is based on individual points, and this is only a small part of the market.

About 90% of the market belongs to middle and economy class hairdressing salons. Based on this, you need to understand that opening a hairdressing salon as an elite-level business does not make sense if there is no experience in running such a business.

Whereas entering the economy and middle class business is quite easy. The main rival is small hairdressing salons that have an average market price for their services, or even lower. From this we understand that the influence of each individual hairdresser on the scope of this business is not significant.

Types and types of hairdressers

All hairdressers can be divided into several types:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • mixed

And types:

  • Salons LUX»
  • Hairdressing salons
  • hairdressing

Salons LUX. Beauty salons are distinguished by a rich selection and quality service. They offer a wide range of services such as hairdos, manicures, pedicures, facial and body treatments, often massages and various types of hair removal.

We use the most advanced technologies, modern equipment and tools. A quarter of the salon’s employees must be qualified as a fashion stylist, the remaining specialists of the fourth and fifth categories, first-class cosmetologists, and a nail service master must have at least two years of experience.

Hairdressing salons. They also offer a whole list of hairstyles, haircuts, coloring and other types of care using the latest technologies. They use high quality materials and equipment. 50% of employees have the fourth and fifth category, nail service masters have experience of one year or more.

Hairdressers. They provide all the same types of services, but use simpler equipment and materials. They can have male and female hairdressers in the same room, the nail service master is often located in the common room.

Identification of key points (salon summary)

When planning a business plan, it is important not to miss anything, pay attention to internal and external factors.

Internal factors can be adjusted for themselves, these include:

  • Selection of qualified employees
  • Increasing investment
  • Search for a supplier of equipment, tools and conclusion of a deal on mutually beneficial terms

External factors do not depend on you, but knowing all the risks, you can adjust their impact on the business.

  • Competition in the selected area of ​​the city
  • The preferences of your target audience that you are targeting
  • The need to follow the rules for conducting a hairdressing business, to monitor their changes
haircut business

After opening a business, it is necessary to evaluate it, highlight the weak and strong aspects, and try to take timely measures to improve the hairdressing salon.

  • Strengths include:
  • Good location for a barbershop.
  • Appropriately qualified personnel.
  • Equipment quality.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Service.

Weak aspects include:

  • Missing skills in this business
  • Missing customer base
  • No information about your barbershop
  • Limited range of services.

To start drawing up your business plan, you need to decide on the type of hairdressing salon. Let’s look at a business plan for an economy class barbershop.

Selection and decoration of the premises

The next task is to decide on the type of service, the size of the desired room will depend on this. To open a hairdressing salon as a business, you need to choose a room of 35-100 square meters .
Next, our task is to decide on the place where the hairdresser will be. To do this, you need to study the situation in the area.

  • Number of hairdressers nearby
  • Price of competitors
  • Find out about the masters who provide services at home

It is better to document all the information received, so it will be easier to analyze it.

barbershop space

When choosing a room, we focus on the place, whether it will be a separate entrance or a room in a shopping center. We look at the so-called patency of the place, at the initial stages it will help in attracting customers. It is better if there are kindergartens, schools, grocery stores, cafes nearby.

After you have chosen a room, we proceed to the decoration. To do this, you need to know the requirements for the interior decoration of hairdressing salons.

All materials used in the decoration (paint, enamel, waterproof paint, tiles and other materials) must be safe and have the appropriate documents about it.

All surfaces must be smooth, even, easily accessible for wet cleaning, whether floors, walls or furniture. Resistant to disinfectants.

Be sure to have good lighting and a high-quality ventilation system.

Barbershop planning and design

Before deciding what color the walls will be, you need to determine what your target audience is. If they are women, then this is one thing, if a barbershop, then another.

Modern trends dictate to us bright accents, retro solutions or, on the contrary, sophisticated monochrome .

Be sure to allocate a place of rest for employees, where they can retire for a free moment, drink a cup of coffee or just relax in a comfortable chair.

Hairdressing equipment

One of the important points in the selection of furniture:

  • Armchairs with hydraulic mechanism
  • Cabinet mirrors
  • Armchair with sink
  • Wardrobe or hanger for outerwear
  • Sofa or chairs in the waiting room

Work areas should be located so as not to interfere with the masters to work freely and freely put in order workplaces. Chairs should be at least a meter apart from each other.

The area for washing the hair can be one and located in a separately equipped room or somewhere in the corner, without interfering with work.

 If workplaces are located along the walls, you can zone them, highlight them with vertical stripes, and make bright accents.

Well, be sure to consider a place for customers to wait for their turn. Such a place can be taken out of the working room, or it can be separated by a glass partition, and give them the opportunity to observe the process.

‍ When buying furniture for your hairdressing salon, you need to remember that it should be as comfortable and practical as possible.

Chairs must be chosen such that they are adjustable in height, for the convenience of the master. They have a comfortable ergonomic back.

When choosing desktops, you need to focus on those that are made of safe materials, easy to clean and disinfect.

The sink should be placed at a comfortable height for the master, providing a comfortable workplace. Washing material should be safe and easy to clean from cosmetics.

To provide a hairdressing salon with quality materials and tools, you need to evaluate all the offers on the market and find the one that is the most optimal for you. Conclude an agreement on favorable terms for your business.


Each person coming to the hairdresser dreams of finding his master, so that, then, without hesitation, he would give his head to reliable hands. For this, the client is ready to go to another part of the city and even overpay. And this applies not only to women, men in this regard are even more picky.

  For an economy class hairdresser, at least 2 masters are required. Be sure to find out the length of service and work experience, it is possible to give a test task or request a portfolio.

A hairdresser must possess a number of qualities, in addition to skill. Sociability, tact, taste, ability to be attentive. In addition, the appearance of the head of the master says a lot and is important for the client.

 At the initial stage, you can not take the administrator, taking this responsibility upon yourself. Well, you definitely need to think about cleaning the premises, who will do this work. It is possible to consider the option of hiring technical staff at the end of the working day, or on a permanent basis.

How to attract clients to the hairdresser

Since your hairdressing salon is just opening, you need to be prepared for the fact that a potential client does not know about it. Therefore, you need to do:

  • Bright, eye-catching sign
  • Prepare printed materials, leaflets that can be distributed to people in nearby shopping centers, spread out in cosmetic stores and other outlets related to personal care.
  • Post ads. Despite the fact that in our information age, any information can be found on the screen of a smartphone or computer, bulletin boards in popular places do their job.

If you are planning to create your own Internet resource, then perhaps it’s time to start. It can be just an Instagram page where you can post your first works, thus forming a portfolio of your brainchild. Introduce staff, inform about promotions and discounts.

Launch of word of mouth. And unfortunately, the transfer of information from friends and relatives does not work here, only the personal opinion of customers. Therefore, the first task is to make a favorable impression.

  • Decent service
  • Service quality
  • Individual approach
  • Master’s recommendations
  • Business cards. Your business cards are necessary for your present and future customers, they should be catchy and memorable.

Well, a flexible system of discounts. It must be remembered that discounts should not take you to zero. As an example, the possibility of discounts in the morning hours on weekdays, even by 10-15%, will attract a client to you. Discounts for complex services will also allow customers to benefit for themselves and benefit for you.

List of required documents

To start providing services, you first need to register your business. There are two forms of organization: an individual entrepreneur (one owner) and an LLC-Limited Liability Company (several owners).

More often hairdressing salons make out as an individual entrepreneur . And there are reasons for this:

  • Fast
  • Cheaper
  • Less taxes
  • Ease of Documentation

Here is a list of required documents, without which opening a barbershop is impossible:

  • sanitary and epidemiological conclusion
  • notification of Rospotrebnadzor on the start of business activities
  • fire department permit
  • the premises of the hairdresser, working conditions and equipment must meet the requirements of SanPiN
  • valid sanitary books for all employees
  • lease agreement or deed of ownership
  • license for the provision of cosmetic services (if a hairdresser, then no need)
  • register a cash register
  • if a business has chosen UTII – a single tax on imputed income, then it is necessary to register with the tax office (a cash register is not required in this case)
  • waste collection and disposal contract
  • disinfectant calculation log

How much money does it take to open a barbershop

Let’s make the most necessary calculations for opening a hairdressing salon as a business.

Nameprice, 1 pc. in thousand rublesamountsum
Hydraulic chairseightfour32
Armchairs with a sinkfifteen2thirty
Cabinet with a mirror9four36
Sofa in the waiting roomtenoneten
hair dryer2foureight
curling iron2foureight
office equipmenttwentyonetwenty
Boiler 6one6
Comb  2
Scissors, razors  four
Cosmetics  25
 Total  228

This is the calculation only for furniture and equipment. Apart from the decoration of the room.

Staff payroll

‍ For the work of our hairdressing salon, masters, an administrator, an accountant and a cleaner will be required.

Masters can be paid by percentage of profit (20-40%) or monthly rate plus percentage, only the percentage in this case is not more than 5-15.

The main thing to remember is that the salary should not be lower than 20 thousand rubles per month . If the master has the highest qualification, it is possible to increase his salary up to 25 thousand.

It is best to hire an accountant through outsourcing, then your expenses will not exceed 70-80 thousand rubles a year.

You can not take the administrator at the initial stages, you yourself will be able to cope with this.

Well, for a cleaner, the most optimal hourly wage is 120-150 rubles per hour, a month it is 8-10 thousand rubles.
There is also an option for masters to impute the functions of a cleaning lady for an additional fee.

A total of 4 craftsmen, an accountant and a cleaner – this is 90-100 thousand monthly. Collection of all permits for opening an individual entrepreneur is another 10 thousand.

The average cost of renting in Russia for non-residential premises in a residential area costs 20-30 thousand rubles per month. Finishing the premises is at least another 100 thousand, excluding building materials.

Let’s sum up the calculations – to open you will need:

In the first month

Name Cost, thousand rubles
Registration of IPten
Purchase of equipment228


Name Cost, thousand rubles
salary fund90
Expendable materials25
Others (internet, utilities, etc.)5

Initially, we will have to invest in the region of 500 thousand , based on our business plan.

How much can you earn at a hairdresser

Of course, in any business plan, the main point is the payback period of the project, let’s calculate.
First of all, we must take into account that how quickly we will start making a profit depends on several factors:

  • barbershop location
  • range of services
  • professional skills of craftsmen
  • pricing policy
  • competent advertising

Let’s do an example calculation:

Every day you are visited by 20 people, the average cost of services is about 350 rubles. Daily income 7000 rubles. Monthly 210,000 rubles.

We subtract our monthly expenses and understand that the payback of our business is in the region of 6-12 months. But since in reality things will not go as smoothly as we would like, you need to be ready to work for at least 2 years in order to reach a steady income.

Possible risksrisks

Possible risks include:

Personnel turnover . Many craftsmen, having built up their client base, go into private practice, i.e. provision of services at home. In addition, the masters can serve clients at home even at the stage of work for you. This risk is the hardest to deal with, but it is possible, for example, by providing discounts to regular customers.

Seasonality. This factor includes a decrease in demand in the low season and the loss of customers in the high season, due to the fact that the hairdresser does not have time to serve everyone. You can minimize it by transferring employee vacations to the low season.

Competition. Customers may switch to your direct competitors in favor of their product over yours. To avoid this, it is necessary to develop a unique offer, a new service, to hold a promotion to attract a potential client.

Increasing the cost of cosmetics , tools, services for advertising. It is necessary to monitor the market, track profitable offers, conclude long-term contracts with suppliers.

Tips for a novice businessman

Remember, saving at the very beginning, it is impossible to make a profit in the future. The client should be interested in your project, want to try it.

If the client is not as willing as you would like, do not skimp on advertising and promotion. Make a good selling portfolio. Call famous young people in the city for this purpose, hire a professional photographer.

Work out the possibility of long-term cooperation with suppliers, and even manufacturers of cosmetics, not only for your own purposes, but also for selling them to your customers.

Last but not least, be involved in your business. Do not give it to other people for development. Only you can see the problems and take all measures to solve them, even at the initial stage.

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