How to open a nail salon from scratch: step by step instructions

A nail salon in the modern world of the beauty industry occupies a leading position among the many business ideas in this area. It’s all about the conscious desire of the majority of not only women, but also men to be well-groomed and attractive, so to speak, to the tips of the nails.

Today, starting a business in the field of care and beauty impresses with its efficiency not only advanced businessmen, but also start-up entrepreneurs.

Given a well-built strategy for creating a business, a developed business plan and, of course, love for your business, a nail salon will easily become an integral part of your life and lead to a stable income.

Types of manicure business

Initially, you should think about the format of the manicure business and decide in which direction you want to develop your business. It could be:

Manicure room. A small area where no more than two masters can work.

simple business model, standard range of services, initially low costssmall floor space, limited business expansion opportunities

Studio. Beauty salon with all types of manicure and pedicure and with professional staff.

pricing policy is above average, masters of a wide profile.high financial costs, long term to achieve profitability. In addition, it is not always possible to ensure a regular flow of customers.

Nail bar. Manicure behind the counter in shopping malls.

Positive pointsNegative points
a constant large flow of potential customers. It is not difficult to change the location if it “didn’t work.”high rent, comparison with a budget institution (leads to an outflow of customers); psychological barrier (not every client will be able to feel comfortable during the procedure in a public place); lack of expansion options;

Provision of services at home. This type is attractive in that it practically does not involve investments, initially does not require registration.
This format opens up great opportunities both for start-up entrepreneurs who want to reach a good income, and for well-established craftsmen with a large clientele.

small investment, free schedule.long period of customer base development, lack of reputation and trust on the part of potential customers.

When the choice of the manicure business format is made, you will have to think about choosing the location of the future source of beauty and the types of services that are most in demand in a particular area.

Target audience of a nail salon

The client base of manicurists is more than 90 percent female aged 15 to 50 years old . Based on the nature of employment, needs and financial situation, the frequency of their visits to the salon will develop, it varies from 1 to 4 times a month.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the category of the unemployed, this includes students, young mothers, housewives. Approximately 5 percent of the total number of TAs is accounted for by men.

For the most complete picture of the demanded list of services and ways to promote them, you should draw up the so-called “client portrait”.
Be sure to pay attention to:

  • Lifestyle;
  • values;
  • financial position;
  • priorities;
  • needs.

It will be an advantage if you manage to collect deeper information about the client:

  • Full name, contacts (consent is nice when they know you by name, and congratulate you on your birthday);
  • the number of visits in general (perhaps you will make discounts for regular customers, or otherwise “thank” those who always bring you profit;
  • preferred time for visiting; (this is convenient when planning)
  • opinion about the quality of the services provided (Always ask if you like everything, this will help you improve the quality of the services provided for a particular client and, as a result, loyalty will increase);

Thus, the client base is formed and the level of its loyalty to the nail salon is determined. In addition, it is a great way to control the work of staff. Comprehensive customer information is essential in determining an effective strategy for expanding and retaining existing customer base.


To create a nail salon from scratch, you will need to register a business and register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. It is important to remember that registering an LLC is a very costly procedure that takes a lot of time.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and in order to save on taxes, it is better to open an IP. Another of the mandatory conditions: the presence of a bank account and payment of the state fee.

List of required documents and permits:

  • Certificate of registration of sole proprietorship or LLC.
  • License to carry out this activity.
  • Permission from SES.
  • Permit from the fire department (if the landlord does not have one).
  • Registration with the tax office.
  • Registration with the FSS and the PFR as an employer.

The last point is necessary if you are going to recruit employees under an employment contract.

Opening a nail salon does not involve red tape with a wide variety of documents, which distinguishes it from many other types of entrepreneurship. True, it is worth preparing for regular checks by the SES and ensuring the required conditions in the premises of the nail salon, as well as monitoring the timely passage of medical examinations by team members.

Location selection

You can get the maximum benefit from opening a new nail salon / office if you find it a favorable location. Pay special attention to the first floors of apartment buildings and the first lines of houses.
The location can be considered successful:

  • close to large shopping malls;
  • near a large number of office buildings / non-conflict shops and boutiques;
  • near fitness clubs;
  • in the central area or in a bedroom, but with a high population;

When choosing a place, you should focus on the status of the salon. Premium class salons are best opened in the central part of the city, elite areas or business centers, sleeping areas are perfect for opening a manicure parlor for a wide range of clients.

Before you finally choose the location of the salon, conduct a competitor analysis and make sure that there are no similar establishments in the area nearby.

Room selection

Let’s note some subtleties when choosing a room for a manicure business.

If this is an office

It is most expedient to open a manicure parlor if you want to provide highly specialized nail care services: manicure, pedicure, extension, etc., depending on the profile of the master and the equipment available.
The cabinet should be equipped with a manicure table, chairs, work equipment and a trolley for storing and moving accessories.

In order for the office to function, it is necessary to rent a room or another renovated room, equip the entrance and hang a sign.
When opening, it is worth considering the rather large initial costs for the business and the high rent.

If it is a home service

The apartment must be prepared for the reception of clients, therefore it must be equipped with: a manicure table, chairs, devices for storing working tools. It is good if the apartment has a sufficient number of chairs or a sofa for visitors waiting in line.


The room must meet the following sanitary standards:

  • equipment with good ventilation;
  • availability of an additional room for cleaning and decontamination of equipment and one more separate service room;
  • hot and cold water supply;
    the area of ​​one workplace is not less than 8 sq.m.

List of nail salon services

The price list of a nail salon is formed depending on the profile of the work of the master and the available equipment.

Classic list of services:

  • Classic manicure;
  • Hygienic manicure;
  • Quick manicure;
  • Children’s manicure;
  • Extension of nail plates with gel or acrylic;
  • Removal of gel manicure;
  • Modeling of nail plates;
  • Art painting;
  • Paraffin therapy;
  • Covering the nail plates with a medical coating;
  • Hardware pedicure;
  • Relaxing foot bath;
  • Treatment of feet and toes.

Additional services of the manicure studio include, for example, SPA care, aroma massage/peeling, etc. It is worth noting that initially it would be most logical to focus on the basic, most demanded services, which will contribute to significant savings on the purchase of working materials.

Equipment selection

When purchasing equipment and consumables, it is important to control the level of quality of purchased materials. It is best to purchase the necessary equipment in reliable places that have certificates. This item of expenditure when opening a nail salon does not imply savings, therefore, initially, serious costs are planned for the following positions:

  • armchairs for master/client;
  • pedicure chair;
  • sofas for the hall or other waiting areas;
  • TV for the hall;
  • manicure table;
  • equipment for storage of working equipment;
  • reception;
  • wardrobe hangers;
  • safe for storage;
  • water cooler;
  • alarm system.
  • manicure sets;
  • fraser;
  • sterilizers;
  • baths, coasters, etc.;
  • paraffin furnace;
  • desk lamp;
  • brushes for decorating nails;
  • manicure hood.
  • a set of nail polishes in a different color palette;
  • cosmetic chemistry;
  • creams and other cosmetics for care;
  • napkins, gloves, towels, etc.

Total :
Equipment ~50000₽
Consumables ~30000₽
Furniture ~130000₽

Based on this, the final amount of the initial investment in opening a manicure parlor (in terms of the purchase of equipment and consumables) will be approximately 210,000 rubles .


The staff of the nail salon consists of manicure / pedicure masters, an administrator and a cleaner (often this function is taken over by the masters themselves, putting their workplace in order). The format of the nail bar implies the presence of only a few manicure masters in the state, and the provision of services at home is completely characterized by the employment of one person who independently performs all duties and works for himself.

It is important to understand that the client base will grow only if the master has experience and a high level of professional skill. That is why it is so important to take care of the selection of skilled craftsmen who want to grow and develop in this area.

Advertising and promotion of a nail salon

Advertising of a nail salon should be effective and spectacular, however, not every salon can afford it at the development stage. In order to initially secure a flow of customers, it is necessary to perform the following actions during the first three months of work:

  • distribute leaflets / flyers about the opening of the salon;
  • offer first customers profitable promotions and gifts;
  • attract the attention of potential customers with a spectacular bright sign;
  • provide shops and other nearby establishments with promotional leaflets or
  • flyers advertising the opening of the salon;
  • conduct SMS mailing, having previously studied the target audience;
  • start promoting in social networks, try to promote a new group through, for example, interesting contests.

Invite your friends to the salon as the first visitors, actively talk about the new cozy place on your social network page.

Regular advertising campaign of the salon includes:

  • holding festive and unscheduled promotions;
  • promotion in social networks through various competitions that carry
  • benefit for a potential client;
  • sending congratulatory SMS;
  • conducting live promotions, for example, on the radio;
  • free advertising in magazines, glossy publications and more.

Take care of having a beautiful catchy portfolio, where the most successful works of the masters will be located. Each workplace should attract attention by the presence of certificates, diplomas of masters. It will be great if pictures of nail salon employees hang on the walls.

Features of the manicure business

The most effective advice from entrepreneurs who have achieved tremendous success in this area:
focus on the stability and cyclicality of business (regularly, the highest demand for services falls on Fridays and weekends, a sharp decrease in attendance occurs on weekdays);

  1. Work on a two-by-two system, since the master works an average of 10 hours a day;
  2. Achieve high quality services and an effective advertising campaign for the fastest payback of the project;
  3. Remember! During the first three months of work after the launch of the project, the costs will be many times greater than the income;
  4. Set the price for any service in such a way as to get profit from it of 30% or more;
  5. Follow the performance indicators of each master: if he began to drop, then the master began to provide services at home;
  6. Control the overall percentage of regular customers during the year: it should not be lower than 67%;
  7. Form the salary of the staff according to the scheme: monthly salary + percentage of the number of services rendered. Thus, it is possible to increase the motivation of employees;
  8. Calculate the salary of an administrator according to the scheme: base rate + 2% of the amount of monthly profit.

How much does it cost to open a nail salon

Opening a nail studio from scratch for 2 jobs involves the following investments:

  • Materials – 30,000 ₽;
  • Furniture – 130,000 ₽;
  • Equipment – 50,000 ₽;
  • Premises rental – 15,000 ₽;
  • Registration of a business project and paperwork – 15,000 ₽;
  • Advertising campaign – 15,000 ₽.

Thus, the total investment in the business will average 300,000 rubles . Large investments in the repair of the studio are not required; light cosmetic repairs and decor will be quite enough: paintings, photographs, flowers, and so on.

How much can you earn in the nail business

A nail salon is able to generate an income of 140-200 thousand rubles a month. Subtracting from this amount the necessary costs for wages, taxes, the purchase of consumables, security, utility bills, as a result, we get a net profit from the business on average 70,000 rubles per month.

Thus, all expenses for the creation and operation of the nail studio will pay off within six months.

In the future, you can expand the price list and add services for creating makeup, eyebrow shaping, solarium, massage . In addition, it is recommended to have a variety of care products and cosmetic products available so that customers can purchase goods directly in the salon. From this business will have a good percentage.

Earn money on nails

A number of successful nail studios hold interesting competitions, master classes, put nail shows into practice and open entire nail schools. Versatile activities and a wide range of different events allow you to increase profitability, increase the flow of customers and reach a good income.

It is worth remembering that if the client liked the work of the master, then the next time he will definitely return to him, even if the salon is located in another area of ​​the city. Having won the love and trust of your customers, you don’t have to worry about the stability of the business, since the customer base will be constant and will be able to provide the salon with a decent profit.

Possible business problems and risks

Opening a nail parlor / salon / studio brings with it a number of possible problems. In order to prevent good profits from falling and business closing, it is important to keep the following risks in mind:

  1. The location of a nail parlor / salon / studio near competitors can have a detrimental effect on business development;
  2. non-professional masters will have a negative impact on the reputation of the salon .;
  3. Difficulties with the purchase of consumables: the field of manicure service is full of unscrupulous manufacturers, it is very important to monitor the quality of products.

One of the main criteria for the operation of a manicure salon is adherence to sanitary standards and hygiene rules. Keeping craftsmen and clients healthy will help ensure a high level of trust in a business, and neglecting health is a sure way to ruin its reputation.

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