How to start a balloon business from scratch

In 2020, an entrepreneur can organize a huge number of business projects that do not require large expenses, and at the same time offer a product or service that is in great demand. Such projects include business in balloons , or trade in balloons and decorating rooms and shop windows with them.

The relevance of the balloon business

Helium balloons are popular as part of a gift for a birthday or other holiday, as well as decorating rooms where those same birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any other events, festivals and competitions take place.

The balloon business is attractive because an entrepreneur can launch it at minimal cost and without taking into account the launch region.

How to start a balloon business: a step-by-step action plan
Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to start a balloon business, because any project, even seemingly so simple, requires detailed study.

We start with the search for markets

In addition to decorating gifts, as well as holidays and events, which include corporate parties and presentations, helium balloons are often used by business owners at the opening of establishments or shops, and also, if necessary, decorate shop windows.

Additionally, according to the situation and / or seasonally, you can organize points of sale in amusement parks, at fairs and festivals, during state or local holidays, such as city day, and in local recreation areas.

sale of balloons

Remember that in our country balloons are usually used in large quantities at all significant celebrations and events, however, the market is already filled with large networks for the sale and decoration of helium balloons, so the most basic and at the same time the most difficult task will be to find regular customers.

To interest them, you need to make them an original offer, as well as provide a good quality product.

Choosing a suitable room

At first, you can organize a business without premises, for example, by offering your customers the delivery of the balls they need. But at the same time, it will be easier to look for clients if you have a room.
The best option would be to rent a small room or a shopping island in the shopping center of your city, where there is a lot of traffic – this way more potential customers will see you.

If you place a promoter with flyers next to your premises, this will additionally attract the attention of people. You also need a rack with a helium balloon inflator (and helium balloons for that) so that you or your employee can inflate balloons on the spot.

The room should be decorated colorfully to attract the attention of potential customers. Surely such a room will be noticed by children who will not pass by the balloons.

But keep in mind that the premises or outlet should not stand out from the style of the shopping center or the complex in which it is located. In other words, the design of the premises must be agreed with the administration of the center.

Along the way, you can decorate the showcase with gift boxes and postcards. Such a product will additionally attract attention and will bring its own income.
If you are decorating a temporary outlet, for example, at a fair or festival, be sure to decorate it also brightly.

It will be good to attract the attention of a hanging banner, along the edges of which there are bundles of helium balloons. Children will certainly lead their parents to such a point.

How to choose a supplier

Don’t try to get the cheapest balls possible. High-quality and dense balls will make your services more attractive.

The most common way to find suppliers is the Internet. There you can find a fairly large number of possible suppliers, as well as reviews about the product, the process of working with the manufacturer, as well as the terms of cooperation and delivery.

In addition, be sure to look for a seller in your city as a fallback option : even if he does not have the best offer, there may be such a situation that you will not have the necessary materials for an urgent order, that is, the balls will be needed as soon as possible, which is not available in terms of ordering from afar.

Remember that it will be more profitable for you to collect orders in bulk – in this case, most suppliers will provide discounts and even shipping at the expense of the supplier.


At first, as with the premises, the entrepreneur can do without staff. But over time, it will still be needed.
As your business grows, you will need an accountant and a manager.

In addition, in order to interest potential customers, the entrepreneur must offer something interesting, such as balloon figures.

Aerodecor needs to learn. This can be done by the entrepreneur himself, but the best option would be to find an experienced employee, or to find a person without experience, but send him for training and thus get an aero designer on his team.

A good specialist should be able to embody a variety of ideas with balloonsso that you have something to offer potential clients.
When opening a retail outlet, you will also need two sellers who will work in shifts.

The choice of equipment for the sale of helium balloons

You don’t need a lot of equipment to start a helium balloon business. To inflate the balloons, you will need a compressor, a two-way pump, a helium cylinder, which can then be simply filled, a helium dispenser with or without a pressure gauge, as well as some consumables, such as adhesive tape, fishing line and others.

air balloons

A very important point is how balloons are inflated: helium balloons will tend to rise, which is convenient when decorating rooms for events, which is why they should be given preference. Filling balloons with air is not always suitable for these purposes.
If you are organizing a point where you will attract customers, then you will need commercial equipment . It won’t be much, but it should still be there. Be sure to consider that you will also be working to deliver the balloons to the event site, then you will need a vehicle to transport your equipment.


The most suitable form of business organization would be individual entrepreneurship . When filling out the documents, you must specify OKVED for the activity. The main one will be 74.84 – the provision of other services to the population, and you can also add the code 92.3 – other entertainment and entertainment activities that allow you to arrange holidays with balloons.

As for taxation, it will be easiest to issue a patent. Under it, its owner only pays a specific amount once a year, but such a system does not operate in all regions.

If there is no patent in your region, you can choose UTII , or a simplified taxation system.

According to the Federal Law “On Licensing Certain Types of Activities”, the sale of balloons does not apply to activities that require a special permit , so you do not need to obtain any license.

You can issue all the necessary papers yourself by first registering an individual entrepreneur (the state fee will vary within 1-2 thousand rubles, depending on the region where the business is opened), and then choosing the appropriate taxation system.

Next, you need to open a current account in one of the existing banks in your city, which is used to store funds, accept settlements and pay tax obligations.

Advertising your business

In order for the business to go uphill and increase income, you will need effective advertising for balloons. To do this, an entrepreneur orders a website to a programmer or website designer, and also launches social network accounts , you can also use an SMM specialist.
To promote the project, advertising is also used in local print media and on regional television.

ball business

Flyers and business cards will also attract new customers.
Another attractive step for customers will be the introduction of a discount system, for example, providing a discount on the purchase of a set number of balls or on purchases for a certain amount.

How much money do you need to start a business

In general, monthly costs will include the rent of space or premises, the purchase of balloons and supplies, advertising, as well as staff salaries. On average, the cost per month will result in 100 thousand rubles per month .

For your business, it will not be superfluous to have your own effective website, the creation of which costs an average of 30-40 thousand rubles. It is also better to take into account the fact that advertising is necessary for development, and the cost of it per month is at least 10 thousand rubles.

The initial investment itself will result in an amount of 50 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the need and the cost of renting a room, which varies by region.

Be prepared for the fact that at the start the business does not bring much income, income will increase with the growth in the number of customers and the scale of orders.

How much can you earn selling balloons

Let’s now consider with you how much the sale of balloons will bring you, as well as how quickly your project will pay off.

Decoration with helium balloons is usually in demand all year round, but most orders will come before the New Year, during corporate parties, as well as in the summer, during the wedding season.

When you calculate the total cost of an order for a client, take into account the cost of materials, that is, balloons, ribbons, fishing line, etc., the cost of delivery and installation, the urgency of the client’s task, the place and conditions of the order, the time of day of work.

Prices for different types of services vary by region. The highest cost is for wedding decorations , slightly lower prices for decorating halls for anniversaries and corporate parties, for children’s holidays they offer budget options.

When fulfilling 15-20 such orders per month, the business will bring sufficient net profit.
The return on investment will depend on their volume and, most likely, will range from 3-4 months to 2 years.


Thus, the business of selling balloons is easy to organize without large financial investments. You choose for yourself how to organize this business – as an out-of-home business, or rent and open a retail outlet.

  Income will grow slowly as there is a lot of competition in the balloon decoration market.

However, if you have enough ingenuity and imagination, as well as communication skills, you can attract a large number of customers who will later become regular ones, and as the number of customers grows, the income from the business will grow!

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